Xbox Live Tracker: Update

Well, my previously mentioned Xbox Live Tracker (blog post) will no longer be receiving updates.  I was dependent on an xml feed hosted on, but that was taken offline in January.  Microsoft actually hosts their own API.  It’s invite only.  Since I’m using it for non-commercial uses, I have a chance of being accepted.  I may look into requesting access at a later point in time, but there are no definite plans.

For now, I’m going to leave the site up in archive mode, showcasing the last active state of the tracker.  It appears that the last successful run was January 5th.

I’ll miss the feed.  It’s a shame that it’s gone, but I can appreciate the resources it took to run.  I don’t know if I’d show the same amount of good will, especially knowing that some were profiting off of it.

I’ll be updating the site to reflect changes.

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