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Project is no longer live.  Please read update from 2/4/2011

Starting in January 2010, I was cooped up at home, filling my idle time with videogames.  Well, that only kept me occupied for so long, so I decided to make better use of my time, creating an xbox live tracker.

It is currently hosted at

The principle behind the tracker is pretty simple.  I created a python script to go out and fetch xbox live information once an hour.  This information was logged into a MySQL database, which is accessed on the website through PHP.

Thanks to a service hosted on, my python script is able to grab information on a per user basis.  The script grabs account information, such as the correct formatting for the gamertag, gamerscore, current online status, a brief history of games, and a few other tidbits of information.

A gamertag must be entered into the system by manually adding them to the database.  They do not show up on the site until the next time the script is run.  The data is stored in a 5 table database.  Game titles are automatically added when they are observed from the xbox status.

Currently, the project is not under active development.  It may be integrated with other projects, but further development on it’s own is unlikely.

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