Monthly Archives: April 2012

Still kicking, a quick update

I must apologize, I’ve left this blog a bit lifeless lately.  I haven’t been completely idle, but unfortunately, I can’t share intimate details on everything, but I can recap a few things I’ve dabbled in:

Xbox Live Tracker – Yes, my previous efforts were rendered inactive, and I’ve been putting out feelers to try and find a good alternate feed to breathe life back in the project.  I’ve got a few interesting ideas for adding new stats to track and fleshing out the page.  Over the last year, I stumbled upon a site that is currently working to supply a public feed.  That is  For a short time, I resurrected my Xbox live tracking script, they too decided to kill the public feed.  I’ve put requests out to gain access to the official Xbox API, but I doubt that is possible.  So, Xbox live tracker 2.0 is officially on the back burner.  Please feel free to link me to any other feeds, and I shall try to adapt to them.

Python Based IRC Bot – Yes, they exist, but I’ve also started writing one of my own.  I found that this gives me much more freedom in coding triggers.  I’ve been able to mate the Python bot with a MySQL database to keep track of data.  I’ve used it to query Google’s Weather API, an active shoutcast server, and keep track of triggers in the rooms.  Once I’ve perfected my script, I plan to share more information.

In other news, my personal life is becoming hectic, but I’m feeling the call to play again.  I’m hoping to play around with some home automation and microprocessors in the near future.  I guarantee nothing, but I’ll remain hopeful.

Also, I started a small referral link page.  Hopefully, I can get some free Dropbox gigs! (please?)  Don’t think of it as selfish spamming.  I’m recommending you try the service because I use it.  If it will help you in some way, the least you could do is help me out a bit by using the link.